Friday, January 21, 2011

Things I've learned.....Part 2

It's amazing how things change as your belly grows and it becomes more obvious that you have a baby in there and not just Shipley's donuts.

1. The coolest feeling in the whole world is feeling your baby move.  Sometimes I wonder what he's doing in there and how in the world he's going to not break my ribs when he gets bigger!

2. When you slip and almost fall at Home Depot the employees are very concerned, rather than just laugh at you.

3. You make uncontrollable grunting noises when getting up off of chairs, bending over, laying down, climbing the get the picture.  I figure in a couple of months I just won't bother doing any of those things anymore, well except the laying down part ;-)

4. Baby stuff is toooooo adorable and it is suuuuuuper hard not to buy everything that I see!!!!

5. When you tell people that you are having a boy they automatically say "I bet your husband is happy!" First of all, why can't I be happy that we're having a boy and second of all I'm pretty sure my husband would have been over the moon if it had been a little girl. (For the record: We are both ecstatic that we are having a baby, we didn't care either way)

6. Food starts talking to you!  The chocolate donuts at the grocery store shout my name from the bread aisle to the frozen foods.  How could I deny them what they want?

7. Googleing is a bad thing to do.  No matter what the problem is you'll find some pregnant lady out there who had the same problem and something bad happened to her or the baby.  Stay away from Google Victoria!

8. I should just move my desk to the bathroom, instead of making 275 trips there every time I move in my chair or stand up.  How can something that is going to get so much bigger make you have to pee this much already!

9. People are obsessed over what we're going to name this kid!  We aren't telling the name so don't ask.  And especially don't ask everyday because that's for sure not going to make me want to tell you, and only you, what we've decided to name our first born.  And BTW, we haven't even decided yet so it's a mystery to us all.

10. 8pm has become my new bedtime.  I really keep on waiting for that burst of energy everyone talks about but it seems just out of reach. But my husband isn't complaining, he loves going to bed early and having a tired pregnant wife gives him the best excuse ever to go to bed before 9pm.

So I know all you care about is how big my belly is ;-) Here is a crappy cell phone picture of week 21.  I'll have to have Jeff take a good one this weekend since he's FINALLY home!!!

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