Tuesday, March 29, 2011

31 weeks

The countdown is really flying by now!  Last week was such a busy week for us, my Mom was down and she helped so much in getting the nursery ready.  It's not done, but its getting close.  I love it, Jeff loves it, Lily loves it, I think it's a winner! Thanks Mom for all of your help!

We are so fortunate to have such great family and friends.  One of my former co-workers, who has three boys, offered us all of their clothes plus some other baby must haves.  Seriously this kid has more clothes than Jeff and I at this point.  We are so thankful to Tony and Heather for that, thanks guys!  Check out the mound of clothes, and this is just SOME of the 0-6 mos.  Our baby is going to be stylin'!  But of course, this didn't stop Mom and I from buying a few more outfits while she was down here ;-)  It's hard to resist, baby clothes are just too cute!


Baby's weight: 3.3 lbs
Baby's length: 16 inches
Movements: He's moving a lot again. Not really kicking, just moving around.  Although this morning he's been kicking my ribs, so I guess I'll take that back ;-)
Cravings: I've heard many times that your baby will like what you ate a lot of during pregnancy.  If that is the case then this baby is going to love peanut butter and cereal. 
Pregnancy issues: My feet are starting to hurt.  If I'm up and about all day long I really appreciate our reclining sofa when I get home!
What I miss about not being pregnant: Wearing cute sun dresses.
What I'm most excited about: I know this sounds really silly, but I'm very excited for Lily to meet him.  She is of course our first baby and I really want to see how she'll act around him.  I would guess that she'll be protective of him, but we'll see!
Name: I'll tell you, it's not William, which is what Restoration Hardware somehow had on a file for me for personalizing his bumper.  Where they got that, I have no idea!

We have a super busy weekend.  Our hospital visit is on Saturday....allllll day!  And I have another baby shower with my close girlfriends on Sunday.  I'm looking forward to it all, but more so the baby shower :-)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Sneak peek : Nursery

 Holy moly!  It's almost like a little baby boy is going to be living in our house in just a few short weeks.  Oh wait!  There WILL be a little baby boy living in our house in a few SHORT weeks!  At least we finally have a room to put him in ;-)

And mainly this is a sneak peek because that's all that's done.  HA!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Baby Shower #2

Jeff's friend and co-worker had a baby shower for us this past Sunday.  It was for Jeff's friends from work and school.  We had a really good time, lots of good food and cake, good friends and our first diaper cake!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

30 weeks

Only 10 weeks left!!

Baby's weight: close to 3 lbs
Baby's length: 15.7 inches
Movements: Of course when I'm at the doctor and want to ask her about his movements he won't stop moving!  I guess sometimes he just gets tired, just like his Mama.
Pregnancy issues: I am currently at 3 pounds less in weight gain of what I wanted to gain for my total pregnancy, with 10 weeks to go.  Somehow I don't feel like I'm going to only gain 3 more pounds.
On the baby agenda for this week: Paint his room!  Clean the carpets, put together the dresser, organize the closet

I had a doctor's appointment this morning.  It was pretty uneventful.  He is measuring right on track, blood pressure was good.  My doctor didn't get on to me too much about my weight gain ;-) She's a stickler about that!  And she's also like 2 pounds herself.

My Mom will be here this week to help get our house ready for Baby Lind.  Can't wait to see her and get things done!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

29 weeks

I realized I never did a post for 29 weeks.  Whoops!

Baby's weight: 2 1/2 lbs
Baby's length: 15 inches
Movements: I got a little worried last weekend because he just wasn't moving a whole lot, and I had been having lots of Braxton Hicks contractions.  I called my doctor and got really freaked out when they told me I would have to go to the hospital.  Jeff was out of town and I just wanted to go see my doctor not have to go to the hospital!  The nurse suggested I go home, drink a Coke, and count his kicks.  It took the whole Coke and almost the whole hour but he finally started moving in there.  He was jumping all over the place!
Cravings: Nothing really, but in the evenings I'm just so hungry!  At lunch not too hungry but when I get home its like I can't get enough to eat.
Pregnancy issues: I'm soooo tired!  I feel like I did in my first trimester.  I wasn't expecting that at all.  Anytime I try to do any housework or anything at home I get so tired I have to sit down and rest.
What I miss about not being pregnant: I feel like I'm already starting to waddle.  Its not really a fun feeling.
What I'm most excited about: I just can't wait to see what he looks like and be able to hold him!  I'm getting so anxious for him to be here, but I know he'll be here before I know it.
Name: ha! I'm not telling and we don't have one yet!  Just reminding you all of that :)

We have another baby shower this Sunday.  This one is actually for Jeff's friends and co-workers, I'm just going along to bring the baby bump :-)  We are so lucky to have so many people that care about us and want to celebrate our baby boy!

BIG Belly!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Baby Shower #1

This past weekend I flew to Indiana because my sister, Angie, and future sister-in-law, Jackie, had a baby shower for me and Baby Lind for all of my friends and family in Indiana.

I am so, so thankful that I have such love and support surrounding me when I visit my hometown, not only from my family and extended family, but from the people that I grew up with in church (who are like family to me) and from my friends from High School.

The shower was a baseball theme and it turned out so cute!  They had baseball themed food, peanuts, cracker jacks, popcorn, nachos and soft pretzels.  I really didn't want to do traditional shower games, so Angie and Jackie had everyone decorate a onesie and also do a scrap book page for Baby Lind.  I got to pick the best two of each for a prize of...I bet you'll never guess...handbags and scarves!  I think people were more excited about the prizes than anything else :-)

My Mom and I
Girlfriends from High School
Like a Mom to me :)
My Aunt Joyce & Aunt Shelia
I hope Baby Lind is half as cute as Kutter!
My step-sister Joy
Even my Papaw came to the shower!
The two best sisters in the world!

Thank you so much Angie and Jackie, I love you both so much!!  Our little boy is so lucky he's going to have two Aunt's as awesome as you!

NOTE: I also have to give a special thanks to my big brother Mark.  He did a lot of preparation for the shower, picked me up from the airport and ran errands for us when we forgot things this weekend.  Love you Markie!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

28 weeks

So now, according to everything I am OFFICIALLY in my third trimester!  Crazy!


Baby's weight: 2 1/4 lbs
Baby's length: 14.8 inches
Movements: He's all over the place!  I'm still not sure what body part is where, but everyone assures me that soon I will know.  Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad!
Cravings: Nothing
Pregnancy issues: Getting so out of breath!  I can't walk up the stairs without having to stop and catch my breath
What I miss about not being pregnant: Rolling over with ease in bed :)

Last night I had a dream that I had the baby in some random house in Beverly Hills.  He was so cute, and he had two different colored eyes!  The weirdest part was that he could talk to us, which I'm guessing will not happen in real life, I'm not sure I haven't gotten that far in my pregnancy books yet ;-).  The worst part is that I kept forgetting to feed him, I sure hope that doesn't happen in real life, but I'm sure he'll let me know when he's hungry.

My sister Angie, and my future sister-in-law Jackie had a baby shower for me in Indiana this past weekend.  It was so nice to see all of my friends and family there, I was really touched by how many people came.  Its so nice to know that our baby will be surrounded by so much love no matter where we are.

Pictures to come soon!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Civic duty

Do you know what I thought would get me out of jury duty?  Being pregnant.  Do you know what got me picked for jury duty?  Being pregnant.  I guess that's honestly an unfair statement, but all that I know is that there was myself and one other girl in the panel of jurors that were obviously pregnant and we both got picked.  I guess I could have also got picked because I'm not a complete idiot like a lot of people that they had to choose from.  Seriously, I'm not sure how some of these people function in society.

I was in the middle/back of the pack yesterday, and apparently, if you didn't know, they separate you from most desirable to least when you get assigned a number.  I got called out by name during the whole, lets ask the jurors questions part, but didn't have much to say the rest of the time.  I went in after our last break feeling pretty confident that I would not be chosen.  I felt bad for all of the people whose names got called ahead of me.  Then the guy sitting next to me got called up, I knew then for sure that I was safe.  WRONG!  I was the very last person called up.  Apparently if they call you out during the jury selection that is a bad thing, because each person they asked specific questions to by name or number got selected to be on the jury.

We were told that the trial would last yesterday evening to this morning, then it got pushed back to this afternoon, then we would stay late, then we would come in tomorrow, even though the court will actually be closed tomorrow for Texas Independence Day (yea, I know). Thankfully we got everything wrapped up tonight at 11:30pm.

All in all, it was a boring and annoying process at times, but very interesting at other times.  I learned a lot about the way courts and court cases work other than the knowledge I've gained from watching countless hours of Law & Order.  And as corny as it sounds, I'm really and truly glad that I was able to do my civic duty and serve on a jury.

So, the next time you get your jury summons in the mail don't think of it as an annoyance, think of it as an opportunity to learn something and to do something positive for your county. 

Ok, I'm done being a complete dork :)