Tuesday, March 29, 2011

31 weeks

The countdown is really flying by now!  Last week was such a busy week for us, my Mom was down and she helped so much in getting the nursery ready.  It's not done, but its getting close.  I love it, Jeff loves it, Lily loves it, I think it's a winner! Thanks Mom for all of your help!

We are so fortunate to have such great family and friends.  One of my former co-workers, who has three boys, offered us all of their clothes plus some other baby must haves.  Seriously this kid has more clothes than Jeff and I at this point.  We are so thankful to Tony and Heather for that, thanks guys!  Check out the mound of clothes, and this is just SOME of the 0-6 mos.  Our baby is going to be stylin'!  But of course, this didn't stop Mom and I from buying a few more outfits while she was down here ;-)  It's hard to resist, baby clothes are just too cute!


Baby's weight: 3.3 lbs
Baby's length: 16 inches
Movements: He's moving a lot again. Not really kicking, just moving around.  Although this morning he's been kicking my ribs, so I guess I'll take that back ;-)
Cravings: I've heard many times that your baby will like what you ate a lot of during pregnancy.  If that is the case then this baby is going to love peanut butter and cereal. 
Pregnancy issues: My feet are starting to hurt.  If I'm up and about all day long I really appreciate our reclining sofa when I get home!
What I miss about not being pregnant: Wearing cute sun dresses.
What I'm most excited about: I know this sounds really silly, but I'm very excited for Lily to meet him.  She is of course our first baby and I really want to see how she'll act around him.  I would guess that she'll be protective of him, but we'll see!
Name: I'll tell you, it's not William, which is what Restoration Hardware somehow had on a file for me for personalizing his bumper.  Where they got that, I have no idea!

We have a super busy weekend.  Our hospital visit is on Saturday....allllll day!  And I have another baby shower with my close girlfriends on Sunday.  I'm looking forward to it all, but more so the baby shower :-)

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