Tuesday, April 19, 2011

34 weeks

We had a doctor's appointment yesterday, with an ultrasound!  Of course, the ultrasounds aren't as awesome now because you can hardly see anything, he's so big, but it was still good to be able to see our little baby.  The next time we see him we'll actually be able to hold him, so excited for that!

He weighs 4 lbs 6 oz, which apparently is small, he's in the 17th percentile right now.  He'll gain about 1/2 pound per week from here on out, so if they are correct in their measurements he'll be around 7 pounds when he's born.

It was a sad day for me at the doctor's office yesterday.  I now outweigh my husband (dang skinny husbands!!!)  But when we got home we had a weigh-off and I guess technically we're about the same.  If anyone wants to help me out, he really loves brownies, cookies, cookie-brownies, pecan pie, ice cream and fudge bars.  Feel free to offer him any of those items if you see him soon ;-)

6 more weeks!! 

33 Weeks

Ok, the weeks are really starting to drag by.  I remember when I had 12 weeks to go and that sounded like he was almost here.  Now that I have 7 weeks to go I feel like it's an eternity!


Baby's weight: Over 4 pounds (we'll get a better idea of how big he is next Monday at our ultrasound!)
Baby's length: Over 17 inches
Movements: He's moving a lot.  Sometimes it hurts, but I'll never complain about it!  I would much rather feel him moving than not :)
Cravings: Nothing sounds good and everything gives me heartburn, even water!
Pregnancy issues: I feel like a walking zombie!  And when I wake up in the middle of the night I can't go back to sleep.  Maybe this is just my body's way of getting ready to deal with a newborn who wakes me up in the middle of the night. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Baby Shower #3

Holy cow!  Our third baby shower!  We sure are lucky to have such great friends and family :)

This shower was given by my best friend from college, Amanda and my best friend in Houston, Kayleigh.  They did such an amazing job, everything was super cute and very thoughtful.  Amanda even made a diaper cake, with cloth diapers!  YAY!

Tons of yummy treats!  Kayleigh gave us the ABC box and Jeff was very impressed when I told him that she made it.  Until I clarified that the box came from Hobby Lobby and she painted it ;-)

Cloth diaper cake!  Jeff is feeling much more confident in cloth diapering now that he's actually seen one.

Kayleigh's daughter :-)

The shower entertainment!

Amanda, Victoria, Baby Lind and Kayleigh.  I couldn't ask for two better friends, I love you girls!

Monday, April 4, 2011

32 Weeks

I had a doctor's appointment this morning. He is measuring right on track, everything was normal, which is great! In two weeks we go back for an ultrasound, so I'm really looking forward to that, we'll get to see how much bigger he is than the last time we saw him.  This week he is about 3.75 pounds and 16.7 inches long.  A few more pounds and a few more inches to grow before he'll be making his debut :)

This past weekend was a super busy one for us.  We had our hospital visit on Saturday which actually turned out to be really nice and didn't seem like it was 8 hours long!  It was especially helpful for Jeff, I really think he feels more prepared for the whole childbirth experience now.

My best friend, Amanda, from college was at our house waiting on us when we got home from the hospital.  She and Kayleigh had a baby shower for me yesterday!  It was such a nice shower with just my close girlfriends, they did an awesome job putting it all together.  I'll have to get photos from Kayleigh to share!  Once in a while its really nice NOT to be the photographer of the event :)

32 weeks belly shots (and of course Lily heard the camera and had to be included!)