Monday, May 24, 2010

Same weather, Different state

Jeff and I just got back from Florida from a little vacation. It wasn't so much a real vacation as he met me after a conference I had in Orlando and we stayed the weekend, but hey, at least we got away!

I LOVE Pat O'Brien's

We did NOTHING! And it was absolutely fabulous! We stayed at the Loews Royal Pacific at Universal Studios. On Thursday we hung out at the hotel pool and then on Friday we decided to check out another hotel at Universal, The Hard Rock Hotel. It was pretty cool and their pool was waaaay cool because they had ledges where you could sit and still be in the water! It was all super cool until a kid pooped in the pool! Yuck, yuck, yuck! We took that as our sign that we should check out the other Loews hotel at Universal, the Portofino. The walk was so long (I'm talking 10ths of a mile here people) that when we got there I promptly fell asleep in their comfy lounge chair until Jeff woke me up. Meanie head.

Jeff wants to be a Nascar driver

All three hotels were very very nice and I would recommend staying there to anyone that is visiting Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure. We decided to check out both parks on Saturday and because we were staying at the Royal Pacific all we had to do was show our room key at each ride and we got in the Express line, which was AWESOME! We waited in line for no longer than 10 minutes at any ride. I'll tell you what. I have no clue how parents with little kids do these amusement parks (but I'm sure I'll find out!)

a) you're spending a week's salary to get in the park
b) you're spending another week's salary to eat in the park
c) you're spending ANOTHER week's salary keeping Mom and Dad boozed up. (haha...just joking.....maybe)
d) it's hot, you walk a lot, kids are slow and I get cranky when I'm tired and hungry I can't imagine a kid being tired and hungry

Another word of advice. If you are leaving Orlando airport on a Sunday give yourself at least 1 1/2 hours to check in and get through security. Sheesh.

The only picture of Jeff and I together because I have nightmares about giving a stranger my camera and watching it fall from their hands and crash on the ground into a million (or really more likely 2) pieces.

Man, Jeff really does LOVE Nascar!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

"God could not be everywhere, therefore he made mothers"

I have the best Mom anyone could ask for, she's always there when you need her, she's given up so much to give my sister, brother and I whatever we wanted growing up, she's always chock full of advice (whether we want it or not!), she's been our biggest cheerleader in life, always encouraging us to do what we want, she loves to lend a helping hand with house projects and always has an opinion on them :)

Long story short, I hope I will be as good of a Mom as my Mom is. Love you Mom!!