Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Baby Shower #3

Holy cow!  Our third baby shower!  We sure are lucky to have such great friends and family :)

This shower was given by my best friend from college, Amanda and my best friend in Houston, Kayleigh.  They did such an amazing job, everything was super cute and very thoughtful.  Amanda even made a diaper cake, with cloth diapers!  YAY!

Tons of yummy treats!  Kayleigh gave us the ABC box and Jeff was very impressed when I told him that she made it.  Until I clarified that the box came from Hobby Lobby and she painted it ;-)

Cloth diaper cake!  Jeff is feeling much more confident in cloth diapering now that he's actually seen one.

Kayleigh's daughter :-)

The shower entertainment!

Amanda, Victoria, Baby Lind and Kayleigh.  I couldn't ask for two better friends, I love you girls!

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