Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cloth Diapers

I've decided (and informed my husband) that we will use cloth diapers when the baby is born.  He finally got on board with the idea when I shared with him the cost savings of cloth vs disposable ;-)

I know when most people think of cloth diapers they think of diaper pins, saggy bootys and dunking them in the toilet.  Cloth diapering is sooooo different from when my parents were babies and different even from when I was a baby.  Now there are so many options that make it so easy that it is hard to at least not want to try it.

My question is, has anyone used cloth diapers or known anyone that has?  And how did you like/dislike them?  What kind/brands did you like the most?  There are so many different kinds and brands that its very hard to pick what will work best.  So far this is what I've come up with for my top options.

Fuzzibunz One Size Pocket Diapers these diapers adjust to fit a 7-35lb baby so you can use them for the long haul. Because they are adjustable they are a very snug fit (preventing leaking, yuck) and they are so darn cute!
Pocket diapers come with inserts you stick in the pocket of the diaper to help with absorbency. You wash the insert along with the diaper and reuse it.

bumGenius All in One these all in one diapers have no insert or pocket to mess with.  All of these diapers are made with a super absorbent material on the inside to keep the wetness away from baby.  One thing I've read about these is people like the hook and loop closure better than the snaps, easier to close when you have a squirmy baby to deal with!

gDiapers these are a little different than either of the above two.  These are basically a shell and you get an insert that snaps into the pants and that is what you change, the insert.  The inserts are either cloth or disposable and the disposable ones are biodegradable and flush-able!  One good thing about these is you can wash the shell with normal laundry (other cloth diapers have special washing instructions) and if you use disposable inserts you don't have to worry about washing the liners! 

So that's what I've come up with.  I have a feeling I won't really know what we will like, or what works for us until he is actually here and who knows maybe we'll switch to disposable, but I hope not!

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