Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Doctor's Appointment - 22 weeks

Today was the BIG ultrasound, but I guess not that big since we already know the sex ;-)  We did find out that Baby Lind is doing fantastic, he's is perfectly average with in this case average = perfect.  We also found out that he is for sure a BOY.  We weren't too skeptical but it's always nice to get a second opinion.  I resisted posting the proof on this one as I feel one day when he is 13 he will not want his little pee-pee on the internet.

Have you ever seen a cuter baby?  No, no you haven't because I can already tell that he is the cutest baby on the planet.
 Tiny feet :-)  I can already tell that he has his daddy's feet.  Long and skinny, and his toes look just like Jeff's.
Baby's length: 11 inches
Baby's weight: 1 pound!
Mama's weight: TOO much!
Movements: Jeff felt him move last week!  Sometimes he is nuts and sometimes really calm.  Even the ultrasound tech commented on how much he moves around.  I don't feel all of the movements but I do feel him more and more everyday
Cravings: Nothing lately comes to mind, I'm just apparently eating too much
Clothes: Still the same, some regular shirts and dresses, maternity pants or sweats.  The other day I actually cut slits in the top of my tights to make them more comfortable.  I guess I should go invest in a few pairs of maternity tights rather than ruin all the ones I have!
Pregnancy issues: Still dealing with backaches, I got the name of a chiropractor/massage place from my doctor so I feel better about going to her than some random person out of the yellow pages, well Google actually, who uses the yellow pages anymore?

I can't believe we're already in week 22.  I made the rest of my OB appointments last week and finalizing everything through May just made it seem so close!  We have lot's to do between now and then! 

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  1. Victoria, congratulations on the pregnancy!!! I linked to your Cmas photos in facebook and ended up on your blog!!! I love your beautiful dog! I look forward to reading more of your blog and catching up! btw, I have a cute little chihuahua, who has turned me into a crazy dog lady! (we always had cats growing up) I was so worried when I got pregnant that my love for the dog would dim...but it didn't!