Friday, January 28, 2011

Bad Mood Days

Do you ever have those days that you're just in a bad mood and really have no desire to even try and get out of it?  I Googled bad mood and found an article from Real Simple on how to "Banish a Bad Mood in 15 Minutes"

1. Identify what it is that is really bugging you
2. Question yourself to see if that's really the problem or not - because apparently you are too dumb to know what it is the first time you asked yourself
3. Is it multiple things that are bothering me?  Well there weren't until you brought that up, now I can come up with a whole list of things
4. CALM DOWN! - Ha
5. Focus on your breathing - what is this, yoga?
6. Make a pie chart - seriously that's stupid
7. Find a quiet place - So you can stew some more over your bad mood
8. Distract yourself
9. Get some excersise, blow off steam - that's great, I think i'll jog a few laps around my office because thats where a number of my bad moods begin
10. Create a strategy on how you will deal with your issues
11. Talk to a problem solver - and by talk to a problem solver do you mean vent to your best friend??
12. Make a list - Pie chart anyone?
13. Visualize your ideal

Since all of those are horrible suggestions and I can't imagine that they would help anyone jump out of their bad mood I would rather use my strategy and look at DamnYouAutoCorrect  (WARNING: some of the content is not suitable for young audiences or Mom's)

Here are some of the more tame funnies from the website.  Hopefully they'll make you laugh and brighten your day like they did mine ;-)

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