Monday, October 3, 2011


We recently made another trip to Indiana! Not only did we get to see family this trip, but we also attended a wedding of one of Jeff's fraternity brothers, so we saw lots of college friends as well.

First things first. The weather, it was amazing. Sorry to rub it in your faces Texans seeing as its October and still crazy hot here. Although I'm positive that in the next couple of months I will once again be glad I live in the south.

Maddox and I travelled up on Wednesday to Indianapolis. We stayed with Aunt Angie and Uncle Randy while we were there. 

You know how you don't realize how much you depend on something until its gone? Well I depend a lot on having a place to sit Maddox at home. We have an excersaucer, a bumpo seat, a swing, bouncer chairs. So he has a few options when it comes to sitting, seeing as he can't sit on his own yet. Obviously those things didn't fit in my suitcase so we had to improvise when it came to having a place to put Maddox at Aunt Angie's.

It wasn't until the second to last day that we were there that I thought about actually sitting him in his stroller...duh! He also spent a lot of time on blankets on the floor. And it was there that he actually rolled over for the first time! Along with rolling over, he officially found his feet! They haven't made it into his mouth yet, but I'm sure its just a matter of time.

Maddox really missed his crib while we were away. And you know who missed it more than he did? Me! Because he woke me up constantly in the middle of the night and he would NOT take naps in his pack n play. So we had to improvise the nap situation a little too ;-)

There were also a lot of people willing to hold him while he slept. Imagine that!

Granny went with us to Munster, IN, where the wedding was and she watched Maddox while Jeff and I went to the reception. There was a lot of arm twisting done to get her to go with us. Not so much. In fact, I think Granny may have jogged up to Indianapolis if it meant she could have Maddox all to herself!

The two weddings we attended in September Maddox got presents at both of them! Aaron (the groom at the Indiana wedding) gave Maddox the Boiler Up t-shirt he has on in the picture above. We love all things Purdue!

Jeff with his fraternity brothers

Uncle Mark and Aunt Jackie got home from their honeymoon while we were still in Indiana, so we got to hang out with them a little bit too.

Papaw Thom and Mamaw Pam came up to visit too. Maddox got a tour of the One Click offices where Aunt Angie, Uncle Mark and Uncle Randy work, where Maddox is already a star. At that office I am now only known as Maddox's Mom. At least I've moved on from only being Angie and Mark's sister!

We had a busy week, but it was fun. And of course it was so nice to see my family again. We've gotten so spoiled by getting to see everyone so often this summer. December seems so far away! But I'm sure we'll be back up there before we know it.

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