Monday, October 3, 2011


At Maddox's 4 month appointment last week Dr. Kagen said we could start him on rice cereal. At that moment I felt like my baby is growing up way to fast for me. Although I'm excited for him to do new things, he's already depending on me less. My brother and sister and I always make fun of our Mom because she always says she would love for us all to move home with her. Although I will not stop making fun of her for these kind of statements, I do understand them now :-)

Needless to say. We documented his first time with cereal with plenty of photos and videos, which I won't bore you with. Ha! Just joking! Here they come!!!

 This is what happened when we weren't fast enough with another spoonful. We might have a mini Jeff on our hands when it comes to eating....

Also, Jeff is responsible for the early 90's gansta style hat. I debated taking it off for his first time eating cereal and then decided against it. Why? I don't know. Poor kid is going to hate us when he's older.

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  1. Love the video...the little guy loves his cereal!