Thursday, October 27, 2011

So I Don't Forget

I wanted to make a list of the things that MD does that I think are cute or funny so I won't forget!!

- He loves appliances. Seriously, its like he has conversations with them, the fridge, the coffee maker, crockpot. He just laughs, smiles and talks to them.

- He loves looking at photos of other kids on the computer. Sometimes he'll sit with me in the office while I edit photos and he squeals and smiles when they are pictures of kids.

- He's reaching now! While I love it when he reaches for me, its pretty dang cute when he reaches for Lily. He grabs whatever he can on her and she takes it as an invitation to lick up whatever might be on his clothes, body or head :-)

- He wants whatever I'm eating now. I can't hold him and eat anymore, he cries and reaches for whatever it is I'm eating. I guess this will play to my advantage in a few months when he is eating what we're eating, I should lose weight if he eats all my food!

- He puts EVERYTHING in his mouth...everything. And while we're on this topic, is NOT ok to put your finger/hand in a baby's mouth. Of course they want to put your finger in their mouth, they would put dog poop in their mouth if you let them. But you wouldn't let them.

- He's doing better at tummy time. Lily helps with that a lot. When he starts getting upset I call Lil over (if she's not already there!) and she can entertain him forever.

- Maddox gives the best hugs! When I get him up in the morning or after a nap he wraps his little arms around my neck so tight. Its probably the sweetest thing in the entire world. He was also so so cuddly when he was sick, I just had to soak it up because I know in a few years the last place he'll want to be is in his Momma's arms.

- He crinkles his nose when he smiles really big :-)

- He is the biggest flirt! He gets the girls attention with a big 'ole grin and then buries his face, but then peeks out to see if they are still looking. We might have trouble with this one!!

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  1. I love reading about Maddox and his mommy and daddy...what a precious family.