Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Years Resolution

So I know that it's February but I've just now decided to set a New Year's Goal.  (I also reserve the right to change that goal in June to losing weight!)

Organize the house!

I hate, hate, hate clutter.  I hate stacks of papers and unnecessary items sitting out.  There seems to be no way to avoid all clutter other than get rid of my husband and his need to keep bills from 2006, but I do try, and I would never get rid of my husband crazies!

We did this past weekend get our office organized and I couldn't be more pleased with it.  No more boxes stacked on the floor, no more overflowing papers, a whole BOX of stuff thrown away.  Whoop! whoop!

Having the office clean and organized makes me want to paint the room!!  And I don't think that I've ever posted photos of our desk.  Jeff and I made the desk, it has space on both sides for two work spaces, space in between as "drawers" and it works out perfectly for our office because we can both work at the desk at the same time.
Next up: Craft room, that has now become the Junk Room :-)

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