Sunday, February 27, 2011

27 weeks!!

According to some things you read I am already in my THIRD trimester!  Whoa baby! 


Baby's length: 14 1/2 inches
Baby's weight: 2 lbs!
Movements: He's moving and a groovin' in there!  I love to feel him move :)
Cravings: I wouldn't say this a craving but I've eaten my fair share of Girl Scout Cookies this past week.  Is it bad that I really wanted some today, but didn't want to open them for fear I'd have to share them with my husband and brother-in-law?
Pregnancy issues: According to this week I might start to get some lower back pain.  Yea right, try like 26 weeks ago! 
What I miss about not being pregnant: Not going to the rodeo cook-off.  I mean I could still go, but it wouldn't be near as fun if I couldn't drink beer and eat brisket while I was there!  And the smell of brisket makes me want to hurl right now.  And most people frown upon a pregnant chick drinking beer.

I've got a super busy week this week.  Jury duty tomorrow (how exciting!) work all week, and on Thursday I leave for INDIANA!  For my very first baby shower!  I can't wait to be home for awhile, even if it is just the weekend.  I have no idea what to pack though, for the past few weeks down here its been shorts and flip flop weather.  Do I need my snow boots for Indiana??

I realize that I haven't posted a belly photo in a few weeks.  Its not that I haven't wanted to, but I just don't remember to have Jeff take one.  And its a little hard to take it yourself when your camera weighs a few pounds.  But apparently, even if you have a very nice, expensive camera and lens, that doesn't mean that all of your photos are going to turn out well.  My loving husband took a few shots tonight and here are the best ones.

Sister moon, you've got your work cut out for you this weekend if you want to top these two gems!

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