Thursday, February 10, 2011

Houston Drivers

Dear Houston Drivers,

I know that not all of you suck at driving, just most of you.  Having recently gone through a Defensive Driving course (yes, maybe some of the Houston suckiness has rubbed off on me) I thought I'd share a few bits of information with you that you all have seemed to forget since completing your drivers education course.

1. When you are driving on a road that has 3-6 lanes going each way it is essential to use your blinker.  We're not mind readers, I don't know that you want to squeeze into the 2 foot space in front of me and the car in front of me, a little warning would be nice.

2. On that same note.  Just because you have your blinker on doesn't give you the right to come into the lane.  You should really check and see if there is space so that you don't hit the person in the lane next to you, or make them to slam on their brakes causing everything in their car to come flying forward and the contents of their purse to dump out all over the floorboard.

3. Last I checked we live in the South, not the West.  I'm pretty sure a little bit of rain is not going to make you melt.  So why does misty rain make my commutes 2-3 times longer?

4. When you're at a dead stop and you pull out in front of a car that is going 40mph, what are you thinking?  That you want to die?  Because that is whats going to happen....idiot.

5. So, you weren't paying attention and now you're going to miss your exit, bummer!  Unless! You are a Houstonian then it's really no problem at all to cross 5 lanes of traffic, the shoulder, narrowly missing stone medians, cutting off everyone in your way just to avoid having to go down one more exit and making a u-turn.  If you couldn't tell, that was sarcasm.  Just go to the next exit which is probably 200 ft further down the road and make a freaking u-turn to get to your destination. 

6. I get it, you need to get into the next lane because you're exit is coming up, but that doesn't really give you the right to stop dead in the lane that you're in, backing up traffic, almost causing accidents because you're stopped dead in the road.  It's called easing into the lane, if you can't do it, you shouldn't be driving in Houston rush hour.

7. Speaking of changing lanes, if you want to change lanes just do it!  Don't drive in the middle of two lanes for 1/4 mile, it's really annoying to the people behind you.

8. You're lost, that sucks.  Doesn't you're phone have GPS, pull over and plug in your destination, do not slam on your breaks at every cross street trying to read the street signs.

9.  What is it with people and making their own turn lane?  I'm talking to you San Felipe/I-610.  I've been in the unfortunate situation before where I haven't been able to get into the lane to turn and get on 610 and you know what I did?  Turn from the lane next to it, royally pissing off the people that now have to sit at the light again because I blocked the lane?  NO, I continued straight and went to Target.  We have options people, make the best decision.

10. The far left lane is always the passing lane, not the drive really slow and make people angry lane.  If you want to drive the speed limit or below then get in the right lane, don't make people pass you on the right and give you the bird simultaneously.

11. I realize that the proper thing to do is to leave 2-3 car lengths in between you and the car in front of you, but when we're all going 10-20 mph is it really necessary?  All that does is leave space for everyone and their neighbor to get in front of you slowing you down even more. 

So some of these suggestions might not have come directly from Defensive Driving, they may be more from Victoria's Less Annoying Driving School, which I think everyone should take.  If you're interested in signing up please let me know :)

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  1. I totally agree! Houston Drivers suck!! Don't you all have to take an acual driving test? You are the most inconsiderate drivers I have ever seen! I never ever seen anything like it before! People driving down the exit ramp and at the last possible second whip back into traffic! The turn signal game you all play, just becaose you have one doesnot give you the right to pull in front of someone with little or no room! I would love to be a cop every morning on my way to work. I would be #1 in ticket writing! The reason car in surance is so high is because the way you all drive, you SUCK!