Tuesday, February 8, 2011

24 Weeks

I feel like time is slowing down right now, which maybe is a good thing considering we have so much to do!  I was so gung ho on getting the nursery done, but after painting that is where it has stopped.  My lovely husband is putting up wainscoting, we got a new light but didn't like it so currently there is no light in that room, I can't seem to pick out a crib (ahhhhhh!!!!), I keep thinking about putting in hardwood floors in there and then change my mind.  So yea, maybe its a good thing that time is sloooooowing down.


Baby's weight: About 1 lb 4 oz
Baby's length: About 12 inches
Movements: He is moving so much more now!  The only bad thing about that is the days that he doesn't move as much and then I get worried.  Dang, I'm going to be such a worry Mom!!
Cravings: Granny's Outrageous Chocolate Chip cookies.  They may not be such a craving for me but for Jeff, I've made them 3 times in the past 2 weeks ;-)
Clothes: I'm feeling huge and I hear it only gets worse.  Great.
Pregnancy issues: Having your belly hit things before you expect it to.  That is a major issue.
Bump watch: Its getting bigger!

I had a lady at work yesterday tell me that I was huge all over.  I'm not really sure how to take that, I really wanted to slap her but I felt that I might get in trouble for that.  I'm not sure why people think they can just say anything and everything to you because you're pregnant but believe me, telling a pregnant lady she looks huge doesn't do anything for her already downward spiraling self esteem.  Just something to keep in mind :)

Oh! And I almost forgot.  On babycenter.com this week baby is compared, length wise, to Indiana's favorite vegetable....an ear of corn!

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