Friday, June 4, 2010

Thank you for being a friend

In case you've been living on an island inhabited by "Others", let me be the one to share some sad news with you. Rue McClanahan, from The Golden Girls, died yesterday, and now we're only left with one golden girl, Betty White.

Whenever I watch The Golden Girls, and believe me I'm on my second or third round of all episodes by now, I'm reminded of two of my best friends from high school, Tessa and Ashley. At the end of high school and beginning of college we spent a lot of time together and I remember one day while we were of course watching Blanche, Rose and Dorothy, comparing ourselves and our friendship to that of those three crazy girls.

Ashley was always one to tell you what was on her mind, and she was always the voice of reason when Tessa and I were being ridiculous. I remember one day, it was sophomore year of college and I had put on a few pounds (that I'm still trying to lose) and we were all jeans shopping. I DID NOT want to go up a pants size so we went from store to store trying to find pants that fit, in the size I thought I was. Finally Ashley yelled at me in the dressing room, "Just go up a size! You've gained weight, deal with it!" She was right, she usually was, just like Dorothy.

If anyone knows Tessa then you know it wasn't hard to compare her to Rose. We all love her, but she might be considered, sometimes, once in a while, or at least once or twice, a little bit silly. Like the time she decided to make Lucky Charm treats, and use colored marshmallows so they would be really colorful. FYI, they were brown, and horrible. Come to think of it, I MIGHT have been involved in that process as well, but I think it was her idea. Or mine. Who's really keeping track?

I, was of course, Blanche. I was always the one that came up with the big (usually bad) ideas and plans and drug them along. Actually it was usually me and Tessa dragging Ashley along. But wherever we went we always had fun!!

We were always together, always had each others back and they are definitely friends of mine for life. And even though we live in three different states, when we see each other we always pick up where we left off. Miss you girls!

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  1. What a great testimony to friendship. I think you have everyone sized up just about right. You all are wonderful. Love you!