Wednesday, June 23, 2010

An Open Letter to JRL

Dear Husband,

I win. 

I win in the dishwasher debate that we've been having for years.  The debate over whether or not you have to rinse your dishes before you put them in the dishwasher.

Should you pre-rinse your dishes before loading the dishwasher?

If you don't feel like seeing how wrong you are by reading the article, let me summarize for you.

1) Dishes will not get any cleaner if you pre-rinse them
They will especially not get cleaner if you let the dishes 'soak', or what I like to call, avoid loading the dishwasher by saying you are letting your ice cream bowl 'soak'

2) Pre-rinsing is a complete waste of time, money and energy
That's time, money and energy that this wife just does not have. 

3) Rinsing dishes before loading the dishwasher can do more harm than good
Dang, our dishwasher already sucks, do we want to make it worse!  Let's not send the dishwasher to the unemployement office because we aren't giving it any work to do.  Give that dishwasher some dirty dishes to clean!

So in conclusion, I'm right, you're wrong, but I still love you.


Your loving (and lovely I might add) Wife

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