Sunday, June 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Jeff!

Jeff's birthday was Friday, (YAY!). I can't tell you how old he is, he's a little sensitive, but I'll give you a hint, we were born in the same year.

In honor of Jeff's birthday I thought I would write an Acrostic Name Poem for him

J - Jokester, and even though sometimes his jokes aren't funny, I always still laugh ;)
E- Excellent breakfast maker!  He rocks at pancakes, omelette's, bacon, anything breakfast related.
F - Fabulous Doggy Daddy to Lily Belle
F - Fantastic looking.  Whoo hoo Hottie!  I'm a lucky girl.
R - Really good beer maker! If you want one ask, he loves to share.
E - Everyday he kisses me goodbye, I really am a lucky wife.
Y-  Yard guy, no he isn't, that would be Miguel (WHAT??  Y words are hard to come up with!!)

I love you baby, I couldn't ask for a better husband and I hope that you had a wonderful birthday!  MUAH!

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