Friday, March 9, 2012

Friends, friends and more friends!

We have had a very busy last couple of weeks and its been so much fun!! Start off, last Friday morning we met our friend Brooke and her mother in law with her two boys Whit and Gus. Little Gus is just 2 months old and big brother Whit is 3 1/2.

Beautiful Mommy!

We also went to the zoo with the same crew this past Monday and unfortunately I forgot my camera! But I see many visits to the zoo in the future, seeing as I bought a membership :-)

Saturday Jeff had a "brew day" because I had no photo shoots scheduled. Our neighbor came over to help and had their two little boys out in the garage with them so I offered them a safer place to the house! Michael, the younger one went back to their house for a nap so I asked James if he wanted to go to the park. He was totally down and he told me that I could take my camera and take photos of him while he played. Ha! I have taken family photos for them the past two years and each time it has been at a park, so I do see his reasoning.

Can you say HAM!! ;-)

 I think MD might have fallen asleep for a few seconds on the swing. 
LOVES the sandbox! This was his second time, didn't have the camera the first time.

Then, last Saturday night our BFFs came over for dinner!

Look at those cuties!! Getting so big!

Mommies and no babies! That doesn't happen much :-)

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