Tuesday, March 20, 2012

10 Months

One thing is for sure, I will not use blocks for the monthly photos for our next baby! Although it is pretty cute. This month he decided the fun thing to do was to throw the blocks off of the chair and then lean over and see where they went. We had more than a few close calls, because really, standing up in a rocker probably isn't the best idea ;-)

A few highlights

- He hit the 9 month "stranger danger" phase with gusto! He's getting a little better, but he will cling to Jeff or me when we come in contact with someone he doesn't know.

- Still pulling up on everything, walking with his walking toys, or anything else that could be turned into a walking toy

- He loves, loves to be outside. We spend a lot of time outdoors now. I figure we need to get our outside time in now, because soon it will be super hot!

- He is more interested in anything that is not his toy that his actual toys. We recently did a toy swap with our friend, Jackson, and that has helped a lot. So hopefully when we swap back he'll be interested in his "old" toys again!

- He is eating finger foods all the time now. He loves bananas, carrots, tortilla, cheese, peas, broccoli, pinto beans, scrambled eggs, and much more. I still haven't found much that he doesn't like, there are things that he will eat last...when there is nothing else left on his tray...ha!

- The other day we were at the grocery, I was looking at the sippy cups and I look over at MD and he's pointing at something. I look up to what he's pointing at and he's pointing at an Elmo sippy! He had a HUGE smile on his face, so I handed the sippy to him and he smiled and pointed at Elmo's face. I had to buy them, he POINTED at them! Jeff informed me that it was ok for the first time, but I can't buy everything he points at :-)

- He's "talking" a lot now. He "reads" to me from his books. Still a lot of Dada's in there, I've heard a few Mama's, but nothing to tell us that he's actually talking about either one of us.

I'm sure I'm forgetting some things, but on to the photos.....

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