Sunday, March 18, 2012


If you're not on Pinterest, just think about it before you join, because you will waste so much time on that site its not funny. BUT, I've already gotten so many great ideas on saving money, new recipes, ways to make your own products. Its pretty awesome.

My first Pinterest project was making laundry detergent with my friend Darci. Then I decided I would make my own hand soap, because we go through so much liquid hand soap at this house.

I found a few different blogs where the ladies make their own soap. Everyone was using Mrs Meyers soap so I wanted to see how it would turn out using a different soap. I bought Dial bar soap, pomegranate scented. On sale at HEB 3 bars for $1.92! It took me a while to find the glycerine. I finally found it in the bandaid section, it cost a little over $3.

First you grate your bars of soap. The recipe that I was going by used a 8oz bar of soap and the bars that I bought were 4oz each so I used 2 of them.

I went ahead and heated my gallon of water while I was grating my soap so it was close to boiling by the time I was done. Add in your soap shavings and 2 Tbs of glycerine. Keep stirring while all the soap dissolves.

It took about 5 minutes for it all to melt. Then you just let it sit! Make sure you tell your husband not to "help" you out by out of the blue washing the pot thats on the counter ;-)

Mine set for about 6 hours and Jeff noticed that it was solid. It wasn't hard, it was more like a hard gel. So I took my hand blender, blended it and added probably about 1-2 cups of water. I wasn't paying attention how much I added, I just kept adding until it looked more like soap. The next morning it was a little on the gel side again so I blended some more and added 1/4 cup of water. I let that sit some more to make sure it wouldn't harden back up and it was good. I ended up with 1 gallon and 1 quart of liquid soap! 

The best part of making my own soap besides the fact that over a gallon of soap cost me about a $1 was that it made our house smell so delicious during the whole process. I will definitely be repeating this project!

Liquid Hand Soap
1 gallon of water (plus some)
8 oz of shaved bar soap
2 Tbs glycerine

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