Sunday, March 11, 2012

Best Friends Forever

When I was pregnant I constantly thought about how Lily would be with the new baby. I had dreams that they would cuddle when we got home from the hospital and grow up to be best friends. Honestly, those dreams have (mostly!) come true. They are so cute together. Maddox can pretty much do whatever he wants to Lily and she lets him. And he lets her give him about a million kisses per day and shares his breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks with him.

He loves to watch her play in the backyard or at the park. She almost always knows where he is in the house. He uses her as a stabilizer to pull up on. She is his protector when she thinks she is needed. They are really very sweet together. I love it!

 The yard guy has an audience at our house now

Dude! You're going to get in trouble!

It wasn't me Mom!


And a look back through the months of Lily and Maddox :-)

I just love those two! Makes my heart melt...

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