Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Day in the Life of Maddox

Good morning!  WAIT its not good I'm HUNGRY!  WAHHH!

That's so much better, I can take a nap now.

Mom! Seriously with the flash?  How am I supposed to get any rest around you!?

Mom! You take forever to get ready.  I can't even hold my head up yet, what am I supposed to do?  I guess I'll just smile and look cute until you can't stand it anymore and pick me up!

Ready for the day!  I'm looking pretty fly in my collared shirt. Holla!

Dang, I'm sleepy.  I think I'll take another nap.  And I'll surprise Mom and do it in my BED!  

We're off to visit Dad at work!  YAY!

But first lunch at Pei Wei.  Mom had sweet and sour chicken, it was delish ;-)

I got my own nametag at Dad's office. I was pretty pissed off that I had to go to work at such an early age.  Come on! 

Dad's office is awesome!  Mom even got me naked in there. I was like whoa Mom, don't put me on display.

My Mom is crazy.  Look her eyes are closed like mine.

Finally! We're home and now Mom's making me "play".  At least she's not making me do tummy time.

Naps on Mom are the best.

I love Granny...and Lily

OMG! Where are we going now?  Didn't we just get home?

Oh, its cool, its Granny's Birthday dinner!  Happy Birthday Granny!  

Yay!  Bath time!  Well actually Mom forgot to photograph bath time, this is the after bath time.

Pajama time.  Dad thinks these look like jailbird pj's.  I think I like 'em!  They are so soft and comfy.

Nighty night!

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  1. Finally! Although I'm kinda over it now that I got to see him in PERSON! He is beautiful. Good job momma.