Wednesday, July 20, 2011

2 month stats

Weight: 12lbs 9.5oz (we've got a big boy on our hands!!) 75th percentile
Length: 22.5 inches long 50th percentile
Head: I don't remember..ha! But he is in the 40th percentile

He got two shots and an oral vaccine yesterday.  He did great with the oral, the nurse said its flavored grape so no wonder!  The shots he DID NOT like.  He just slept the rest of the afternoon and when he woke up he was not happy. Poor baby acted like he was in so much pain :-( Any time I touched his legs where he got his shots he would scream. It broke my heart.  Thankfully this morning when he woke up he was my happy little baby again!

Taking his first, and most likely not last, ride on Lily! Before his Doctors appointment.

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