Friday, July 1, 2011

5 & 6 weeks

I said I would start blogging more often so I don't forget things and then I forgot to blog!

Last week we had a busy week, well busy for us.  Granny left on Tuesday to go back to Indiana.  On Thursday we went to my office so my friend Sandra who I work with could meet Maddox.  After the stop at the office we had lunch with Kayleigh and Rachel.

This is the outfit that I bought for him to come home in. It fits!  5 1/2 weeks later!

As you can see he was a little cranky when we got home, but he did great while we were out!

Friday we had lunch with Daddy.  Saturday one of Jeff's co-workers, Alex and his wife Stacia (who I LOVE!) came over for dinner, and brought dinner with them!  I actually do have photos of them, but Jeff took them and I'm pretty sure that Stacia might kill me if I put them on here ;-)

Sunday we went to church for the first time with him. He did FANTASTIC! The music put him right to sleep.  And when he did wake up a few times he just drifted right back off to sleep.  We had to go to Babies R Us that day too, so we made a day out of it and visited Jeff's parents since the store closest to them is super nice.  He also made his second visit to Lupe Tortillas that night (again, I forgot to take a photo!)

What I've found out is that when he does really great when we have busy days where we're away from home for a long time and just sleeps.  The only thing is that the next day he doesn't want to sleep AT ALL!  And that describes my Monday.

But its hard to be upset with a face like this.

Tuesday I had my 6 week appointment at my doctor's office and Maddox went with me.  He was of course a perfect angel, until the doctor started my exam and then he started wailing.  Good thing is cry is not really that loud.  Everyone comments on how cute it is...and it is :)

It does get a little louder than that.  And he has thrown in one huge scream, but I count our blessings that he is so quiet.  And yes, he pooped while crying.  He can also poop while eating, which I think makes him pretty talented, he's already a multi-tasker!

One time he is not quiet is at night.  This kid is LOUD, ALL NIGHT LONG.  He grunts and moans and sighs and when I get up to get him, he's asleep.  It sure makes it hard for Mom and Dad to get any sleep!  I told Jeff the other night, in the middle of the night, when I was getting back in bed for the millionth time that I thought it might be time to move him to his own room so we can get some sleep.  And then the next day I decided I couldn't be that far away from him, ha.

Lily likes the Boppy pillow too!

Thursday I drug him around all day running errands with me because for the entire day I thought it was Friday and I needed to get things done before the weekend.  Dang, being a stay at home Mom gets you confused!  Oh well though, because it meant we had the whole day today free!  We did lots of playing, reading stories and napping.  But now its time for eating and bath time!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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