Wednesday, July 21, 2010

3 years!

Wow!  I cannot believe that 3 years ago today Jeff and I were GETTING MARRIED!  It seems like just yesterday.

We had an awesome wedding.  We got married at our favorite place, Purdue, with all of our favorite people in attendance.  It was so cool, and unfortunately will never happen again, to have all of the people we love the most in the entire world all in the same room, and the best part was there were there to direct all of their attention to me!  Oh, and Jeff too I guess ;-)

We got married at University Church, on campus.  We wanted to get married ON campus, like outside at one of the fountains, but there was a Presbyterian youth conference at Purdue that weekend and there were over 3,000 kids crawling all over campus.  When I found that out I thought it'd be better to use a church, and we were lucky enough that the church on campus someone canceled their wedding and it opened up for us.  Sucks for them, yay for us!  The only downside was the sanctuary was not air conditioned.  Thank the Lord it was in West Lafayette, IN and not Houston, TX.

Our reception was wildly inappropriate, but was a ton of fun.  Our cake was the most beautiful wedding cake I've ever seen.  My niece caught my bouquet and all of my friends were mad, while the garter landed on the floor because none of the guys wanted it.  People from the reception next door came over to our reception because it was more fun, and that one had a live band!  We were supposed to be out of the room by 11pm and I think it was after 12 before it was cleared out.  I've said many times that I wish we could do it all over because it was that much fun.

One word of advice for brides to be, EAT SOMETHING (and maybe go to bed before 5am).  You don't want to be like me and toss your cookies at your own reception, in the trash can outside the door.  Thankfully my photographer was holding my veil back instead of taking pictures!

Jeff I love you so much, I'm so lucky to have found you!  MUAH!


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