Tuesday, September 4, 2012

In the mornings Maddox usually wakes up long before I actually get him out of bed. He plays with his toys, talks a lot, blows his airplane mobile to try and move it. Then he'll finally get annoyed that I haven't come to get him, throw all his toys out and start crying. That last part doesn't happen every morning, sometimes I just go ahead and get him before he gets to that point, like this morning. I walk into his room, he's on his back with his Teddy Blue just talking away. He spied me thorough the bars on his crib, rolled over on his belly with his head buried in Teddy and pretended to be asleep! He's done this a few times now, to both Jeff and I, and it totally cracks me up! He'll lay there for a good minute or two and then he looks up with a huuuuuge smile on his face.

Thankfully, unlike his Momma, he is a morning person :-)

In the past few days he's really gotten into his books. Thanks to Granny, he has TONS of books. Used to, if I would try to read him a book he just wanted to slam it shut then open, then shut, then open (you get the idea!) the only book that he really ever payed any attention to was dog book. But recently he's been sitting down and actually looking at his books, page by page, and he'll hand me a book and actually pay attention, sometimes even gets in my lap, while I read it. This has been a big change. We've been working on counting 1-2-3, and colors, shapes and animal sounds. If I ask him what a cow says he goes "mmmmmmm" So far, cow is the only one!

He is so, so into Elmo again. He kind of lost interest, but I had downloaded the Another Monster at the End of the Book with Elmo and Grover on my iPad. He wasn't really interested in it until just a few weeks ago. Now, he could read/watch that book 100 times a day if I let him. We've had to take a break from the iPad because he was having meltdowns when I made him put it up. For the first time this past weekend we put Elmo on in our bedroom in the morning and Jeff, Maddox and I laid in bed while he watched. It was a nice way for Mommy and Daddy to rest for a few more minutes :-) I don't want him to be so dependent on technology to entertain him though, so TV and iPad time is very little.

He loves, loves, loves music. He loves to dance, and "head bang" to the music. We realized last time we were in Indiana that apparently he likes Jimmy Buffet :-)

He also is loving to climb on things and jump off.

*Sorry the photos don't really coordinate with the text...but they sure are cute photos huh?!?! :-)


  1. Thank you for taking the time to post. This was a great way to start my morning. By the way, I was wondering if you Have any cookies? You may need them!!!

    Love, Mom

  2. Awww...love reading your blog and seeing pictures of your sweet family.