Friday, August 31, 2012

Bad blogger

Hello to anyone who still reads my blog!! I've been horrible at keeping up to date with it since Maddox turned one, I guess its kind of true that the older they get the less free time you get.

He is constantly on the move and into everything. He is great at the stairs now, going up and down all by himself. He likes to go up the stairs, go to his room and "read" his books . We put a gate at his room, so most of the time he accidentally locks himself in, which he is ok with. It was very nice when I was redoing our upstairs bathroom, I could work in the bathroom for a little bit while he played in his room.

Still taking two naps a day. He hasn't really shown me he's ready to go to one, so I'll take the two for as long as I can! Still sleeping 7:30/8pm - 7/8am. 

He is saying ball, he has said airplane and Lily as well. They obviously don't come out all that clear and if I ask him what something is, or to repeat it he won't. I did point to Lily the other day and say "who is that?" and he said "Mama" So I guess Lily and I are interchangeable in Maddox's eyes :-)

One day after church he started signing for "more". We had started signing when he was about 7 months, but didn't keep up with it. I'm positive that he saw another little one signing more and getting a snack in the church nursery and he picked that up super quick!

Although he isn't saying much, he is very good at mimicking others. Any kind of noise we'll make he'll copy. He "jumps" (bends his knees and shoots up, no feet off the ground....yet) he does "somersaults" (bends over and puts his head on the ground then stands back up smiling at us waiting for us to clap) He claps when asked it, he does "Boiler Up" (no harm in planting that Purdue seed early!) He does things on a daily basis that crack us up.

I'm a little afraid that the next baby we have I'll be ready for it to grow up and get fun. I have so much fun staying home with Maddox every day and as he gets older he gets more fun and funny.

Piper - 4 days older than Maddox

Jeff's parents dog Lola, we dog sat for 2 weeks. Maddox definitely liked her more than she likes him ;-)

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First time at the beach!

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