Friday, September 14, 2012

Baby Proofing never complete

We have a gate for the bottom of our stairs, but I really do not want to actually install it properly because it will put holes in our woodwork, so instead, I'm improvised.

Please excuse the massive amount of dog hair. UGH! I cannot wait for her to be done shedding this summer coat, its out of control!

It was ok for a long time, he never bothered moving the gate, until we had some friends over and their little girl moved it and walked upstairs. Lily used to do it all the time, but for some reason Maddox never tried it until he saw Natalee do it :-) I had to weigh that nightstand down because he would just move that out of the way too. On the other side (where my $75 craigslist buffet is now...woo hoo!) We did have a bench there and he would just move that out of the way and go up the stairs. He's actually very good at the stairs, but it still makes me nervous to let him have free reign, because he likes to play on the stairs, not just go up and down. Side note: I found that buffet and bought it, telling Jeff that I planed to refinish it and then sell it. Funny thing, he knew I'd keep it even before I knew I'd keep it ;-) It WILL be refinished some day (month, year) soon!

We have more cabinets than we should with no locks on them. Either they broke, or we lost them (when I repainted the island) and we say all the time, we really should put new locks on those. Its not that there is anything that he could hurt himself with in any of the open ones, he just makes huge messes and gets dog hair on everything. EVERYTHING gets washed before we use it in those bottom cabinets!

We had to move the trash and Lily's bowl into the laundry room and keep the door closed, but whenever he gets a chance he runs in there, dumps Lily's bowl and I'm sure throws something away. He also loves to things into the washer, we've washed more than one dog bone, toy and bowls. Starting the washer and dryer is always fun too, thankfully the washer won't actually start unless the door is locked. I started letting him help me load the clothes and then I tell him what buttons to push to get it started. Ding dong head me finally figured out that there is actually child lock buttons on both the washer and dryer, which saves me from doing the same load of clothes multiple times because I don't know where they were in the cycle when he shut the machine off :-)

In a nutshell he is into everything we don't want him to be into. But we still love him, how could you not love this sweet face :-0

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