Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ladies and Gents! We have a CRAWLER!

How cute is he?

This was just a couple of weeks ago and he's already graduated to this weird one leg straight while on one knee crawl. Of course he doesn't do it much in this video, but you get the picture.

He is going faster and further each day. I'm quickly learning what things he is going to get into (everything) and putting things up and out of reach. He's already found the outlets, thankfully they are all covered but we will have to be very diligent about putting them back on if we take them off! He basically wants anything that is not his and anything of Lily's he REALLY wants bad!

And maybe just maybe he has discovered that her water bowl is super fun to splash in.

Who needs toys when Mom has mixing bowls low and in my reach! And they're brightly colored, they must be for ME!

Like I said...he's into EVERYTHING! Makes my job harder, but I love watching him scoot around discovering his house in a brand new way. 

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