Thursday, January 19, 2012

8 Months

8 Months down....and I'm starting to THINK about first birthday party. Can you believe it? Not too much longer and we're going to have a ONE year old.

What is new? Probably a lot of things that I will forget. We had a super busy past month. We were in Indiana for 2 1/2 weeks, then when Maddox and I got home Jeff was gone for 6 days skiing in Taos. Being a single parent is tough, big props to those of you that do it 24/7. I found myself some days counting down the minutes to bedtime (and feeling like a horrible Mom while doing it!)

While Jeff was gone we kept ourselves busy with play dates with Jackson and we visited our friends Matt and Kayleigh who have Hadley and one on the way. In hindsight its too bad we were so busy with all our visiting because the day after we were at Kayleigh's house Maddox got this huge blister on his belly. I thought it was weird and decided to just keep an eye on it. A few hours later I noticed another blister, so of course I went to trusty 'ole Google and searched "blister on baby tummy". I found an article that listed 11 different common childhood rashes and came to the conclusion that it must be hives. That is until more of them started popping up, and popping up fast! Seriously, every time I looked at him he would have a new one. They were mainly on his tummy, back and a few on his head. By this time I had the thought in my head, could it be possible, that my 8 month old has chicken pox?? I revisited the article I read earlier and yes, it did sound possible. I called my Mom, sent her a picture and she agreed with me. I called the doctor the next day and took him in. When our doctor walked into the room and asked what was wrong and I told him I thought Maddox had chicken pox, he literally looked at me like I was crazy and said "No one gets chicken pox anymore" He took a look at Maddox and then stood up asked me to give him a second, he needed to get a second opinion because he'd actually never seen the chicken pox (for you old timers, every kid gets the chicken pox vaccine at 12 months now days) He's in practice with his dad, so his dad came in, looked Maddox over and said "Yep, its chicken pox!" They were both pretty surprised. They said they maybe get one case a year, so of course, the one case for this year had to by my baby. I told them not to be surprised if they end up with another one since Jackson sees the same doctor! So far no bumps for J, fingers crossed, since those two boys like to share pacifiers.

So we've had a super boring week, quarantined in our house. You would think I would take this opportunity to clean, but I just can't seem to get in the groove! 

I did take his 8 month photos in his chair and he wasn't really interested. He was way more interested in banging the blocks together rather than smiling for the camera :-) 

He loves his Lily Belle.

P.S. Check out those pox!

He loves to play with toys now. I remember those days when I thought he would never be interested in anything and now he wants anything and everything he gets his hands on!

I think its pretty hilarious, I give him a basket full of toys and he digs through it! I crack up everything I see him digging.

Oh, don't mind me, I'm just standing on my own for like a full minute. My parents are freaking crazy and they're going nuts. Whatevs....

So it might be time to lower the mattress!

"I'm so over this baby," Lily Belle

I also come into his room to find this sometimes.

Trying to pet Lily

We are spending more time in his room nowadays. He likes it up there. Especially being stuck in the house we have to just have a change of scenery at different points of the day.

He is also talking up a storm. I hear A LOT of dada and by a lot I mean all day everyday. Is it too much to ask for a mama thrown in there? I kid! 

We had to make new friends since we're contagious.

I might have forgotten to mention that he is CRAWLING now! A post to come on that later, this one is just too long already! I feel like my life has just changed drastically and we'll have to change our whole routine. Although with a baby I've come to find out that once you have a routine established it seems to change!

Adios until next time y'all!

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  1. aww, poor baby! hope the chicken pox don't last long!
    he's so cute! i can't believe he's almost one!! where does the time go? :)