Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall in Indiana...Oh so nice!

We just got back from another trip to Indiana! I feel so blessed that we've been able to go home so many times this year. Sometimes it pays to be the one that lives so far away, everyone misses you, they are so happy to see you when you're there, people make a big deal out of you being there. I'm sure if I actually lived close there would be more fighting and less hugging ;-)

The main purpose of this trip was to meet the newest addition to our family, baby Miles! And oh how sweet he is. He's a cuddle bug to the max and I loved it! I told Mark and Jackie both not to feel bad about letting him sleep on them because you never get that time back and no matter what some books say, I promise he will not be 2 and still sleeping on your chest.

"Hellooooo, why aren't you talking to me!"

"Wait a second, you want me to HOLD him? Uncle Mark, are you crazy?"

"Ah, this is not so bad, he's pretty snuggly"

"Aunt Victoria, please save me"

These two had so many matching outfits that we didn't even get them in all of them :-) I'm sure this will not be the last time that they match though. I see christmas pajamas from this year until, oh maybe 18 or 25 if they'll let us.

We spent a lot of time at Mark and Jackie's house and it made me realize just how much my entire day, every day revolves around Maddox. To say I got frustrated with him while we were up there would be an understatement. He's into anything and everything, and while it doesn't bother me at our house, it bothers me when we're somewhere else. One night before we were getting ready to go we were looking all over the house for his Teddy Blue. We looked in all the closets, cabinets, drawers, boxes, the dog crate, it was no where. Finally Mark found it in the bottom of the trash can. Whoops! Even though he threw him away he would have been awfully sad that night when Teddy wasn't there to keep him company!

We also did some fun stuff while we were up there. I really wanted to go to an apple orchard because we don't have them down here. It was a lot of fun and the weather was actually hot! As soon as we got there Maddox picked an apple up off the ground and started eating it.

 "Run Uncle Randy!"

Someone really loves their Uncle Randy

They also had a pumpkin patch! But the apples were way tastier ;-)

They also had a little play set at the apple orchard and Maddox loved the slide! It was a big slide and it was really fast. I think Aunt Angie was a little more worried than Mommy. But that was probably a good thing.

Who's happier? Maddox or Aunt Angie?

Miles' first trip to the neighborhood park!

We were all very sad to leave. But thankfully we'll be back in 2 and a half months for Christmas! Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!!

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