Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas #2!

Santa came to our house early this year! We wanted to have Christmas as a family before we left for Indiana, so we celebrated Christmas this past Thursday. We got up, made coffee, Maddox ate a little breakfast and then on to opening presents! He actually had a good time opening presents. He would bang on the boxes, and we would help him grab the paper and rip it off. He loved eating the paper, even though it didn't taste good he kept going back for more.

His big present was a walking toy! He loves it and has a big smile on his face when he plays with it. It is music themed, I guess we're trying to train him early to be a musician :-)

Lily got a new bone, which she promptly chewed on the entire time we opened presents. She couldn't even be bothered to open up her new frisbee!

Jeff got anew hat, wallet, pjs and a mug from MD.

Jeff, Maddox and Lily decided to get me an iPad this year! What an amazing family I have, I'm the luckiest wife/Mommy in the world. I have a feeling that the iPad will make me more and less productive at the same time...ha!

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