Saturday, December 17, 2011

7 Months

So all day yesterday I kept thinking, tomorrow Maddox is 7 months old! Only today did I realize that yesterday he was actually 7 months old. Whoops!

We had to go to the doctor yesterday for his second round of the flu shot. He's gained over 2.5 pounds since his 6 month appointment, yay! We have our first case of diaper rash, boo, but it had already mostly cleared up by our appointment yesterday and today he looks even better.

- Not crawling yet, but, he does get himself into the crawling position quite frequently. 

- He is squealing, a lot! Not babbling too much yet, but lots of screams. 

- Still loves his excersaucer. He plays in it a lot everyday. He got a new walking toy for Christmas, its one that he can play with sitting down as well, and he loves it! He has a huge smile on his face while he plays with it. 

- Still loving his Lily Belle. He wants to pet her, and she obliges most of the time. He does get a little annoyed when she licks him in the face too much, but he puts up with it for the most part.

- Sitting up like a champ. I still put the bobby pillow behind him, just in case, and he actually likes to lay back on it and play with his feet.

- He's kind of got himself on a nap schedule. Naps at 9am, 1pm, then a little nap between 5 & 6. He's happier, I'm happier, its pretty awesome.

- Sleeping through the night again! Whoo hoo! We still have a night here and there where he wakes up, but most of the time he's going to bed 7:30/8 and sleeping until 7:30/8.

- We moved his small bathtub to our big bathtub and he loves, loves, loves playing in the bath! He splashes and plays with his toys. Uncle Chris got him a few new bath toys, one of them blow bubbles. Needless to say, it takes all the willpower that Lily has not to jump in that tub and get those bubbles. But she does a good job and stands by the tub and catches as many as she can :-)

- He's starting having "snack time" I feel like he's growing up too fast! My little boy is eating snacks!!! At our last doctor visit he said we could start giving him puffs and yogurt melts. We were already giving him Mum Mum crackers here and there. He LOVES the puffs! I think he really loves feeding himself more than anything. But we love it too because it actually gives us time to eat while he eats his puffs. He is such a quick learner, in the beginning it was tough for him to figure out he had to open his hand to get the puff in his mouth, but now before I know it he's finished all that were on his tray and wants more.

- We've started sign language, and by started I mean like yesterday. They say that 7/8 months is a good time to start, and it will be most likely at least 10 weeks before you see any signing back from them. So far we've been using sings for more, mommy, daddy, all gone and milk.

Those are all the updates I can think of at the moment! Here are his 7 month photos. 

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