Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Doing it Hoosier style

It was Maddox's first trip to INDIANA!!! It was a very last minute trip and we owe it all to Granny for making it happen. Thank you Granny, we love you!

This past weekend was two bridal showers for Jackie. One with my crazy loving Aunts on my Mom's side. And the other was hosted by our home church on Sunday afternoon.

Maddox and I flew in late Friday night and Granny and Peepaw picked us up at the airport. Maddox was perfect on the plane. He got fussy when we first sat down but he was passed out before we even took off. He woke up a little bit later, I gave him a bottle and he was out again. I think it helped that we took off right about his bedtime so he was sleepy. Lucky for us we sat next to the sweetest girl who didn't mind sharing her row with a baby. I was very surprised at how helpful TSA staff and the flight crew were. Although I guess its easier to help a Mom out than have her hold up the crowds struggling by herself ;-) Either way I appreciated it!

Waiting for our flight

Saturday afternoon was Jackie's first bridal shower with my Mom's sisters. We met Jackie, Angie and Jackie's sister Michelle in Salem for that. Maddox was held by everyone and didn't mind a bit (good thing!). He was declared "well fed" by all. After the shower I went back to Indianapolis with the girls so we could see Uncle Mark and Uncle Randy. We hung out at Jackie and Mark's house for the night.

Sunday afternoon was Jackie's second shower at our home church. Angie and I were late (I know no one is surprised!) But considering the fact that she and I are always notoriously late and we had a baby with us I think we did pretty good! There Maddox got to meet most of my Aunt's from my Dad's side plus cousins and church family. After the shower we went back to my Mom's for dinner before Mark, Jackie and Michelle headed back to Indy.

Monday, what we thought would be a relaxing day, was not!! Maddox met my good friend Daniel and his wife Holly, my step grandmother Mabel, my Papaw Phillip and he also saw Papaw Thom and Mamaw Pam. He met them when he was just a few days old, so I'm not sure if he remembered them or not ;-)

It was a great weekend, I can't even count the number of people that held Maddox. He slept in 2 different houses, rode in 4 different cars, 2 different planes, saw his first cornfield, rode on his first country road (you know a REAL country road, one with no lines), experienced his first flight delay and we still made it back in one piece with HUGE smiles for Daddy at the airport I might add.

We can't wait to do it all over again next month!