Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Maternity Clothes

So, I've held out for as long as possible wearing my regular pants with a Bella Band.  It's getting to the point where the buttons and the and the button holes are a good inch apart on my dress pants so I figure it's time to head to the maternity aisle.

I went to Target last week because they always have the cutest maternity stuff.  Yea right!  They only have the cutest maternity stuff when you're not pregnant and you pick up a cute top or dress and quickly put it back on the rack because it's Liz Lang.  I have to dress up for work, and on the weekends I always have on sweats, so what do I find it necessary to buy last week, my very first maternity purchase??  Jeans!  Of course!  Because I still have a few pairs of jeans that fit fine, I hardly ever wear them so why wouldn't I buy jeans?  (I hope my husband doesn't read this)  In my defense they are super cute, they look identical to my favorite pair of regular jeans AND I fit into a size 2, just ignore the fact that they are maternity, also ignore the fact that I said I FIT into them, I didn't buy the size 2 ;-)

I get my super cute new jeans home and try them on for my husband.  As I'm running around the house exclaiming how awesome my new jeans are I find myself pulling them up about every 2 seconds.  It's fine though, I'll grow into them right?  Wait!  What if I don't, then I'm going to constantly be pulling them up, then I won't wear them, then I wasted $30! (hey! it's Target, we're on a budget!) 

So I basically go back and forth on whether I should return them or keep them and I finally decide to keep them and I wear them out shopping on Sunday.  It's true, every 2 seconds I'm pulling them up, and it's really starting to annoy me, but I look so adorable!  I go to Motherhood Maternity, just to check things out, and also buy a velour track suit, because of course I need another one of those, because of course my regular sweats don't fit anymore (note: LOT'S of sarcasm here).  While I'm in the fitting room pulling back on my super adorable awesome jeans I notice a button on the inside with some elastic.  What's this?  Could it be, adjustable jeans?!?!  Of course it is!  I am the dumbest pregnant chick around!

Needless to say, my jeans fit great, I very happily left the store with my new velour track suit in hand and headed home to tell my husband the good news.  He, unlike me, didn't find it as amazing but whatever.

Do you know what else rocks out hard core?  To have a best friend who just had a baby this past summer STOCK you up with maternity clothes!  Honestly I don't need to buy a thing (I just want to, shhh, don't tell Jeff) Kayleigh you are AWESOME!


  1. Maybe I'll get out of the rest of my maternity clothes soon ;-) I swear I'll stop bringing you used clothes.. I am sure you want to pick out your own wardrobe!