Friday, December 17, 2010

16 week visit

We had our 16 week visit today, although I'm almost 17 weeks YIPEE!!  Here is a little about baby this week.

Everything looked great at the doctor.  Heartbeat is at 145, we've already had our ultrascreen done (to test for Downs Syndrome) and the good news is according to that test I'm a 20 year old!!!  Mommy has lost a pound since last visit, but gained a tummy :-)  I've been having lots of headaches and trying not take any medicine, my doctor told me to drink a Coke when I have one, so we'll see if that kicks it!

Next visit is January 16th and it's the BIG one!!! Looking forward to being able to start on Baby Lind's room.  Only 5 more months to go, YIKES!!

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  1. I cannot wait until the BIG one! So ready to know if Hadley is going to have a best girlfriend or younger boyfriend!