Thursday, April 15, 2010

She really is like a child

I just got this email from our Doggie Day care that they've just got a new van and will now pick up and drop off your dog for daycare, just like a school bus! How funny is that???

I know some of you are probably thinking already, Doggy Day Care?? BUT, it's AWESOME (side note: Deliliah McAdams I always think of you and 5th grade cheerleading when I type awesome). We drop Lil off at 7am, she plays alllllll day long and we pick up an exhausted puppy at 6pm. Sometimes she's so tired that she just lays around the house for the next day or two, which is highly unusual for a 2 year old (sniff, sniff she's growing up) lab.

We love our doggy daycare and they looooove Lily. She got to try dock jumping last week and they were all cheering her on. Surprisingly she would not jump in the water! Anyone who knows her knows if there is water, she's getting in it, no matter what. She was very hesitant about jumping in off the dock, but when she finally jumped in, not surprisingly she wouldn't get out. She just kept swimming laps around the pool :)

Anyway, the email made me laugh, to think about loading your dog up with a little back pack and sack lunch into the day care van and shipping her off to school! Maybe it will make you smile too :) And if that didn't, this really will!

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  1. That is adorable! Lily with a backpack and a lunch. I am not surprised that she would not get out of the water, but I am surprised that she hesitated on jumping in.

    The van is too cute.