Wednesday, April 28, 2010


If you know me then you know I am very into fitness and I always have been. Never mind the fact that I work out every morning but I get winded walking up the three flights of stairs at work. What's up with that?? *On a side note, if anyone in the Houston area is looking for a gym, let me know. My gym is awesome and I have a one week guest pass and a free lunch pass :)

I recently wrote in my work blog about the excuses that people have to not work out and how when you really think about it, you have NO EXCUSE. One of my coworkers recently had a baby and she works out everyday. If she can do it while working, keeping house and having a baby under 1 year old then anyone can make time to work out.

So now, on to my pitfall....dieting. I suck big time at dieting. I'm not sure what my problem is, but the more I think about what I am eating, the more crap I end up eating! If I'm trying to make an effort to cut out sweets, then all I end up eating is sweets!

I've realized, as I've gotten older, that I'm at the point now where if I feel like I've gained a few pounds I can't just work out and lose them. Now I HAVE to watch what I eat. And the only thing I'm currently watching is the chocolate cake going into my mouth.

So what's my excuse for not eating right?? It's not rhetorical, I'm actually looking for excuses, help me out people!!

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