Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Boiler Up!

Guess where we'll be on Friday night at approximately 9pm CST?!?!?! Cheering on our Boilermakers in our very own hometown! Who would have thunk it? Here's where will be sitting. As you can see we'll be super close to the action (please note the use of sarcasm here), but really, we just want to be there to cheer on Purdue and represent for our homies up north!

You've probably heard by now that we are down a player (some might call him our best player), but I say "POOEY!" on that. We may be down a player but we still have a good team. Purdue has proved everyone wrong (Barack Obama I'm talking to you!) and made it to the Sweet Sixteen. Holla! We've got our tickets, now I just have to make signs and convince Jeff to shave and paint his chest with a big Purdue P. What do you think, he looks good right??

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