Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Morning

When I was growing up, Easter was always a big deal. We would come down in the morning and get our Easter baskets, get dressed in our new church outfits, go to church, then after church it was always time to get together with family for lunch, easter egg hunts and eating way too much candy. While our first Easter with Maddox wasn't quite that crazy, it was still pretty busy!!

When Maddox got up we gave him his Easter basket, which consisted of a lot of dollar aisle finds from Target ;-) He also had a basket from Granny (my Mom) as did Lily, Jeff and I. She always hides Easter baskets for us while she's here on her Spring Break.

He was super cute with his basket, he actually took everything out one at a time, looked and played with each thing before he moved on to the next item.

He's loving Elmo still, so he got Elmo socks, Elmo plate and cup and an Elmo book. We recently discovered new sippy cups with straws. They are awesome because he just wasn't getting holding the cup up to drink. Now he can hold the cup down and drink from the straw. Funny thing is, as soon as he started using this cup, he's now doing better at holding the regular sippy cups up himself and drinking from them. I always got an Easter bunny every year. My Grandma started the tradition and then when she passed away my Mom kept it up. I want to do the same thing with my kids, although I know if I have all boys they could care less! Maddox is LOVING anything that even resembles a ball. He loves to throw balls, and he is actually pretty good at it. He got a bouncy ball and three outfits from Granny. He got an Elmo doll from Julesie and GP (Jeff's parents) he smiled at it, and then went right back to playing with the dog's tennis balls. At least he's cheap!!

We actually made it to church! It's been tough recently because I always have photo shoots scheduled for Sunday mornings, so its been awhile since we've been able to go to church. I made it a point to keep this past week open so we could go to church. Unfortunately we got there right before the service and it was standing room only. Which is a wonderful thing, but not super fun with a squirmy baby. To top off standing Maddox was the loudest he may have ever been. He would not stop talking. I always think back to our baptism classes and the teacher saying she loves to hear the babies talking during church, it makes the service feel full of life. Well MD was doing his part this Sunday!

After church we headed to Jeff's parents for lunch, the Masters and family time! It was a good day :-)

Wait is that...Yes its ELMO!!!

Hold on! I thought I was supposed to get candy bunnies for Easter?

Look who showed up again! Elmo!

Look Lily! There's nothing in there!

 Lily with her Easter loot!

We weren't sure if this ball was for MD or Lily, so they decided to share.

Hope your Easter was a fabulous as ours!!

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