Wednesday, April 25, 2012

11 Months

Only one more month to go until he's a year old. WHAT?!?! I already told Jeff that he can't make fun of me if I cry on his birthday or at his birthday party. So, we'll see!

Things have been crazy and busy around here. Maddox and I have both been sick the past two weeks. He started out with a runny nose and it turned into an ear infection. I had a few sleepless nights with him, but thankfully once he got started on those antibiotics he started sleeping all night again. I've got the runny nose, congestion and now no voice (which I'm sure Jeff doesn't mind) I keep thinking it will go away and its been over a week, so maybe I need to get myself to the doctor!

So what's new......

- We've got a talker. No actual words yet, but he likes to talk, a lot. I can't imagine where he got that from

- If you're thinking about a birthday present for him, you may want to consider any kind of dog toy. They seem to be the preferred toy around this house.

- We still try to spend a lot of time outdoors before the weather gets too hot. Unfortunately this past weekend was probably the most beautiful weather we will have all year and we were stuck inside sick.

- Lily and Maddox are glued at the hip. I sent my family some videos that I've been taking and my sister asked "are they always together" Yep, pretty much!

- I feel like I've been on camera over time! All of a sudden I realized that he is thisclose to turning 1 and I panicked thinking I haven't taken enough photos or videos. Thats probably a little crazy, huh?

- Birthday party planning is in full swing! His party will be over Memorial Day weekend so hopefully you're planning to be in town!

- He weighed 23 pounds at the doctor when we went in for his ear infection. Measured 28 1/2 inches tall. I have no idea how that charts out, but I'm guessing his weight is in the higher percentage and his heigh is in the low ;-)

- He's still "cruising" on furniture and with his toys. And maybe oh maybe there have been a few steps here and there. Not enough to say that he is walking per say, but I'd say we are just around that corner!

I can't think of what else is new so here are some photos!

Don't tell Dad!!

LOVES those airplanes

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