Wednesday, November 30, 2011

6 Months

Well! Maddox is already 6.5 months old and I'm just now getting around to this post. I've been so busy with my photography business! Its a very good thing and I'm very blessed, but it doesn't leave me much free time to do much else.

We had Maddox's 6 month appointment a couple of weeks ago. First thing, he was down a few ounces from his 4 month appoitment. Last I heard babies are supposed to GAIN weight not lose it! He had been sick in between there and he was up from what his weight dropped down to while he was sick, but he still should have been higher. Turns out the poor thing was hungry. For some reason, and I'm guessing its because I was not eating or drinking enough, my milk production had slowed down and I'm just not able to keep up with what he needs. To say that I feel like the worst mother of the year would be an understatement. The doctor wasn't too concerned and he said it was totally up to me if I wanted to supplement with formula. He told me to add another meal of solids in and that would help. After stressing about it non stop for a few days I finally decided that we would just start supplementing. He's taking about 10-16 ounces of formula a day, a few days its been more and some days its less. And it really has made such a difference. He is so much happier now, he's like his old self again. He's still not doing a great job of sleeping through the night, but the doctor also said he's getting his bottom teeth so I'm sure that doesn't help!

Other than the fact that I was starving him, he looks great in every other way, thank goodness! He got his vaccines and his flu shot like an old pro. His height is right on track (25.5 in)

So, highlights of the new things he's doing:

- Sitting up like a champ! I can definitely leave him on the floor to play with toys and he's fine. I still put the bobby pillow behind him in case he tips back, and sometimes I think he does it on purpose just to recline.

- When he does tummy time he pushes himself backwards. He will scoot to the side sometimes too, and he can spin all the way around on his belly. I'm sure it won't be too long before he's crawling and I'll be thinking "Why did I want him to crawl?!?"

- He's had so many different foods: 
Liked - butternut squash, acorn squash, pears, sweet potatoes, green peas, apples 
Disliked: avocado, zucchini
Jury is still out: bananas (he liked them pureed with apples), peaches (he eats them but makes a funny face while doing so)

- His first Thanksgiving was a success. Jeff's grandmother and aunt were in town to celebrate with us. He had sweet potatoes as his Thanksgiving dinner and he stole the show (pretty much the entire time)

- He loves to give big, wet, slobbery kisses. He likes to pull hair, noses, ears, whatever he can get his little hands on.

- He definitely knows his Mommy and Daddy and is not too big of a fan if he doesn't see at least one of us.

- I made the mistake of letting him drink a little out of my cup one day and now whenever you're holding him and have a drink in your hand he wants a drink of it.

- Its becoming pretty near impossible to eat with him in my lap anymore. He tries to grab anything and everything and when I eat he just cries for whatever it is I have. So at home I have him on one side crying for my food and Lily on the other side begging for my food. Once he starts eating our food it might be the best diet ever, because I'm pretty sure I'm never going to get to eat anything ever again!

There is plenty more going on in our lives I just can't think of it to write it down! We have lots of Christmas fun coming up. A visit from Amanda, Eric and Layla this weekend to Christmas movie marathons and cookie baking. We get to see SANTA this Saturday (who has already been to our house, cause we're so special!) We have a family date with our friends the White's to go to the Christmas tree farm next weekend, we're also planning on seeing a Christmas play this year as well as go to a tree lighting. Our little family Christmas will be on the 17th before we all hit the road (and air!) for Indiana to celebrate the holidays with my family!  And so we'll have something to look forward to after Christmas, Ice Skating at Discovery Green. Whew, I'm kind of tired after just writing that!

I will leave you with photos, because I know thats what you come here for anyways :-)

As you can see its getting a little harder to get the photos with the blocks...because someone doesn't want to leave the blocks alone!

The first 6 months of Maddox

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