Tuesday, May 3, 2011

36 weeks

Welp, only 4 more weeks to go OR LESS!  At my appointment on Monday I was already dilated 3cm.  My doctor immediately said, "Well, you're not going to make it to your due date" Whoo hoo!  Although, 36 weeks is just a little too early to have him.  Apparently little white boys suffer from Wimpy White Boy Syndrome and they take the longest to develop their lungs.  So the longer he stays put the better.  My doctor suggested working from home half days just to take it easy and keep him in at least one more week.  

BUT, going in for your appointment and thinking you had 4 weeks to get things done and walking out with the knowledge that you probably won't make it another 2 weeks gets your butt in gear to GET THINGS DONE!  So how am I supposed to take it easy when my list of things to do is a mile long?  Sheesh....

On another note, I'm huge.  

We conquered a few items on the mile long list today.  One of which was to put together his swing.  We figured we should test it out before we put him in it.

It works!

Who wants a cocktail?


  1. Amanda was 36 1/2 weeks and was just fine...Allison, always the independent one, was born at 30 weeks. She was in the hospital for 4 weeks and was released when she learned how to suck! Best of luck to you and Jeff as you get your to-do list all finished up! Love you :-)

  2. I forgot to mention that you look awesome!