Tuesday, May 31, 2011

2 weeks old!

I can't believe that Maddox is already 2 weeks old!  He has had a very busy first 2 weeks.  We were in the hospital until Thursday morning.  He had some visitors in the hospital.  Nana Jules and Papa Ron came to visit and Uncle Chris.  Kayleigh and Christine also came to see Maddox in the hospital.

Big sister Lily was very excited to meet Maddox (a little TOO excited at first!) But she calmed down and I can already tell that she'll will be his protector forever.  When he's crying she's concerned and she loves to give him kisses :)

Papa Thom and Mamaw Pam stopped by on their way from Arizona back to Indiana to meet Maddox.  

Last Tuesday we had our very first pediatrician visit.  He was down to 6lbs 4oz so we had to go back the next day to get re-weighed and make sure he was getting enough to eat.  Good news is that he is! 

On Friday Aunt Angie got into town.  Saturday brought Uncle Mark, Aunt Jackie and Uncle Randy.  Maddox had a busy weekend meeting all his aunts and uncles!  I think he won them all over with his good looks and charm.

Aunt Angie was nice enough to take some family photos for us.  I'll post them soon!

We had our 2 week doctor's appointment this afternoon.  He looks perfect, he's putting on weight like a champ.  He's 7lbs 6oz and 20 inches long.  He's in the 30th percentile in weight, 50th in height.  We go back in two weeks for his month old appointment and if the past two weeks is any indication of how fast that time will go I feel like I'll be updating you on that appointment before I know it!

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