Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Holy Crap!

I'm blogging again!! Its only been 3 months so i'm not that behind ;-) There has been a lot happen in the past three months obviously, as life happens rather you blog about it or not. But I thought I'd upload some photos from Christmas so when I look back at this blog I don't think we skipped Christmas of 2012 or something.

One major fail on this Mommy's part. Going all the way to Indiana with only one battery for my camera that only had one bar. FAIL! Oh well, it was kind of nice to participate only and not from behind my camera the entire time. I still managed to get photos from our little family Christmas we had at our house before traveling to Indiana and I also got some from our Christmas with Jeff's family and mine, just not too many.

 Does it fit?? He was so cute, after he saw both Jeff and I open up clothes and hold them up to us, you know, how everyone automatically does! He did the same thing with the next clothing item he opened up.
 Hmmm....Santa is kinda weird

 Jewlsie and Maddox!

 I'm going to get you mom!
 No seriously, I'm going to get you!

 Uncle Chris got him the car and he loved it so much he wouldn't get out of it. So he opened a few presents from inside his car
 Batman pj's! Yea, and we do Christmas in Texas in shorts
Maddox's gift to GP. Of course it has a photo of himself on it. How self centered he is!

 At the Christmas Train with our friends

 Opening his stocking! He was so funny, he spent so much time looking at each thing and then he'd put it back in his stocking.

He loved opening presents this year. He was a big help to everyone when it came to opening ;-)

 So excited to see this broom! And once he opened it he was happy, he didn't care to open anything else...ha!

 Aunt Jackie, Uncle Mark and cousin Miles stopped by

Ok, I realize this post is getting crazy long. So ending it here! Indiana Christmas to come! Along with super dooper cute videos!

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